I Want to Write You A Letter

& for you to write a letter back. And so forth.

Even if we’ve known each other forever, or just reblog each other’s posts. If you want to exchange letters, inbox me your address. I’m big on postcards from destinations as well as regular letters… 

I’m a teacher, musician, TV-junkie, sort of funny, attempt to make cute doodles, and will probably want to tell you all about my adorable guinea pig.

It’s been so hard meeting new people since I moved and I think it would make a big difference if I could look forward to your mails from time to time.

How about it?

  1. bebraveandbekind said: that’s it, i’m going to buy a letter writing set and send you a letter a week. i’m making a note to do this on my desk in RED INK (serious stuff). it’s happening.
  2. lovelyolivia reblogged this from songswithoutwords and added:
    I’ll write to you!
  3. songswithoutwords reblogged this from songswithoutwords and added:
    Reblogging for seriousness.
  4. cool--jerk said: Yes and always.

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